John's Copywriting and Videos Will Grow Your Business | Videos that attract new prospects!

John’s Copywriting and Videos WILL Grow Your Business!

How Is Your Website and ads WORKING For You NOW?

  • My Specialty is writing “Business Promotional Copy” for your website, ads and emails, that compel your clients to take the actions that you desire.

  • You need a clear, message-focused website that attracts and holds website visitors, and

  • Cause your visitors to take the action you desire.

  • If your website is not helping your business grow, I Can Help:

    1. I create website content and videos that demonstrate your expertise in your profession.

    2. I find and fix the gaps in your website messaging.

    3. My copywriting helps you stand apart from your competition, so,

    4. Your website can then bring in more business and help accelerate your business growth.

Copywriting Services

Our Specialty is writing “Business Promotional Copy” that compels your clients to take the actions that you desire.

You will get more leads from your Marketing and Sales campaigns, and more prospects will purchase your product or service, when you use John’s Copy Magic!


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Prior to my Copywriting and Video Creation career, I was in marketing for over 20 years. I marketed everything from personal products to insurance, gaining experience from a wide range of companies. I know how difficult it is to generate good leads and promote products for a business. By writing honest, compelling copy campaigns, I have been very successful in driving potential customers to take the actions that my clients desire.


This certification represents that the user has been trained by Pam Foster, AWAI’s Learning Chief, on her winning C-Clear Method for analyzing web page content with Content Audit Profits. This recipient knows how to help identify any areas of a website that need improvement.

They passed a multiple-choice test and skills assignment to assure they are qualified to be your go-to consultant for site content audits.

Issued on
January 7, 2022

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Does not expire

We Turn Your Ideas Into Stunning Visuals

Grab more eyeballs, get more clicks and slash your ad costs by half with designs delivered within 48 Hours…


We create VIDEOS To Attract New Customers and CAUSE them to TAKE ACTION ( CONTACTING you for more information, OR, PURCHASING your product or service )

“We Focus on Growing Your Business While We Do All The Heavy Lifting…”

“We look forward to helping build authority and boost credibility with high-impact designs that can sell anything!”


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Stunning Logo Designs

A good logo can make a memorable impact on your audience and turn them into paying customers. We create stunning logos for any business.


John and his team, took our ideas and turned them into “Stunning Videos.”  I coudn’t be happier.  Thanks  John!

Gloria Mercer

Owner, Gloria"s Elequent Caribbean Cuizine

I highly recommend “John’s  Copywriting and Videos Will Grow Your Business” to any business that wants to attract new customers. Our business has increased more than 100% since we started using John’s Copywriting and Videos

Anthony Navaro

Operation Manager, New Wave Floors and Furniture Store

“John’s Copywriting and Videos Will Grow Your Business,” is creating “Excellent” videos for our restaurant website. Our business has increased a lot since we started using John’s Copywriting and videos

Eduard Ungureanu

Advertising Manager, Antonia's Fine Lasagna Restaurant

We had never used videos on our website before, but John came up with some incredible videos that has attracted a lot of new customers
Cindy Ewer

Owner, Cindy's Hobby Warehouse

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